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Although it appears that no topic generates controversy or doubt at the time of application of sentence, criminal history carry very great controversy in its jurisprudential and doctrinal interpretation, when the discussion enters the definition of a bad record for purposes of exasperation. When you have the right background service at your disposal such doubts will vanish and you will b able to understand everything in a much better way.

In order to reflect on the existing controversy, and seek an understanding in the criminal records, the article intends to talk about the brief definition of the term criminal record, entering in sequence in illustrating the lines to understand the doctrine held and judged on what a poor record criminal is, after all it never hurts to know more.

The background itself.

The criminal record deals with any involvement the person has had with the judiciary in criminal cases, when he is involved and is the doer of the crime.

The criminal background checks:

Are the previous events of his life, including both the good and the bad history. This component serves especially to see if the offense was a sporadic episode in the life of the subject, or if it often or even usually breaks the law.

Knowing such details can change everything.

Antecedents are all facts or episodes of the life of the defendant, or near remote, which may be of interest anyway, the subjective assessment of the crime. Both bad and terrible, as the good and the great should be checked. Firstly, one must take into account the legal background, never simply restricting the existence or nonexistence of police and judicial precedents, but taking into account also the social behaviour of the defendant, his family life, his inclination to work and his contemporary and subsequent conduct to criminal action, and then qualify them for good or bad. This is what can tell whether or not someone can be trusted or not, even though there are some controversies on the matter.

Criminal Records.

Regarding the concept of a criminal record, there is no divergence in their design. Actually turns to a criminal life history of one who has the conduct considered by the Judiciary.

The central issue of the work, which will be discussed in the following topics only arises when the definition of what constitutes a bad record for purposes of sentencing-based  is necessary, following the phase criterion laid down by each country or region.

Doctrine and jurisprudence guard infinite divergence, while address a topic that should be pacified long.