Know more about the details regarding the criminal record check

It is always important to know what a criminal record is as well as know the types of the different crimes that may be there. It is better to know the details before actually judging a person.  Know more about the different records and have all of your doubts sorted out.

Juvenile records

The Juvenile Criminal Records are defined as reports of any and all criminal history committed by a classified as a minor legal age or a person without legal status consensual adult individual. Depending on the nature of the crime involved, juvenile offenses are retained between the shorter duration of the statute of limitations.


A misdemeanour offense is the classification in which the typical duration of punitive imprisonment does not exceed one year. Criminal records related misdemeanours usually can hold shorter limitation periods.


A felony is a classification of a crime in which the typical duration of punitive imprisonment exceeding one year. Supplementary classifications of crime express any offense not considered a misdemeanour is considered a serious offense by proxy. Felonies are crimes considered to be the hardest hit, which usually retain more periods of limitation with respect to the associated criminal record.

What is the cancellation Criminal Record?

A crime is defined as an act or activity that does not adhere to standard legal protocol or legal conduct and behaviour. Any participation expressed in criminal activity can not only punitive action, but also the development of criminal records as a result. However, expungement is defined as the legal consent to remove the reference to a past criminal conviction from criminal records pertaining to persons convicted of criminal activity.

Upon receipt of expungement, the crime in question is removed from the criminal record of a person and not be legally obligated to inform or to mention that the criminal case to be questioned. Although considered not warrant or assume, are typically dependent on the initial severity of the crime committed, in addition to appearing in the rehabilitation of the person requesting cancellation penalty.

Rehabilitation is the refurbishment, modification and improvement relative to past performance and behaviours presumed to be noxious, dangerous, harmful, or illegal. Once the participation and the subsequent rehabilitation program, the chances of criminal record expunged is considered a raise.


Cancellation of a criminal record should not be confused with the acquittal or pardon. Cancellation of criminal records is to maintain the implicit recognition that the crime was committed.